this is still the most frightening and powerful line of Season 4 and i don’t really think i need to explain why.

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"Remember that in racist, demographics obsessed Israel, the most fearsome "existential threat" is the birth of a Palestinian child."

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what it’s like to be a woman on the internet. 


god this is disgusting

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Wait, wait, wait, I have an amazing new idea. How about we fix the American school system.

The biggest thing school has taught me is how fucking wrong school is

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In which Mar is a terrible person and M tries to set her straight. 

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At what point do you take girls out of school altogether because boys can’t handle it?

Parent of a female teen whose school banned leggings

#yesallwomen have a right to an education without fashion policing by sexist administrators

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^ this, tho… the message in these ridiculous dress codes remains “boys deserve an undistracted education, and you-GIRL-are a distraction… and your education comes second. You should be grateful, anyway… it’s really more than you deserve.” and i actually am not going to repeat how it reinforces rape culture because really, i’m just so damn tired of the messages we send young women about being nothing more than an accesory in a man’s life… fuck that. and fuck awful myopic dress codes… (via ginandbird)

This parent is right.  The school is sending a message that girls’ clothes are supposed to distract boys; that boys can use them as an excuse, that girls when assaulted should blame themselves because they must have worn the wrong thing, because their clothes made them unfit to mingle with their peers.  Have I got that right? (rhetorical)

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…I maintain that there is no triumph and no celebration when we embrace a white girl who deliberately attempts to sound like a Black girl, in a culture where Black girls can’t get no love.

How can I “love dat,” when this culture ain’t never loved us?

Iggy Azalea’s post-racial mess: America’s oldest race tale, remixed - (via faboomama)

One of the best longer pieces I’ve seen so far on the Iggy Azalea mess.

Personally, despite the catchy beats, I can’t stand Iggy Azalea’s sound, it’s such an affected caricature. Clearly she’s worked on her craft, sharpened her delivery, developed certain trademarks of Southern hip hop — but it still sounds to me like someone who took a few months of dialect coaching for a movie. The flow remains unnatural, the affectations are exaggerated and awkward, and it’s obvious that the entire act is over when she steps back into her trailer on the set. She’s like a high school dance movie where the white cheerleader steals a routine from the Black cheerleading crew and wins the competition with it. It’s a repulsive neo-colonial appropriation of a besieged culture whose burdens and struggles she will never share and doesn’t even understand; and an equally repulsive attraction of a mass audience to that spectacle of vulgar appropriation, rewarding a white Aussie for her novelty in mimicking Southern rap — as stated above, “America’s oldest race tale remixed”.

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Palestinian solidarity from Mexico. X

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